AragoJ Morphometry software

AragoJ Morphometry software

AragoJ - Single camera photogrammetry software

AragoJ is a multi-platform stand-alone application, for acquiring planar measurements from photographs using simple tools.

Measurements are made in pixel units and then scaled to metric units (or other reference system) using one of two methods:

  • An existing, known-size scale in the image;
  • Using the camera specifications (image size and focal length) and known distance to the target for calculating the scaling factor based in a pinhole camera model.

The application reads and presents the metadata inscribed in digital images EXIF information, which is useful for finding and using relevant information (geographic position, camera and image parameters, environmental information, etc).

Since scaling is based on a pinhole camera model, lens distortion in non-metric cameras is not accounted for when scaling measurements. To deal with that issue, the application includes a module to self-calibrate the camera, that calculates the calibration parameters and optionally produces undistorted images.

The application also includes a module for storing mathematical expressions that can be called inside the software.

Measurements, calculation results, and image metadata can be exported as a csv file and work sessions can be saved.

Download the latest version from github

Read the paper describing AragoJ here


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